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Big Data Impact
A whopping 90% of the world’s data that currently exists was created in just the last two years. Experts are predicting a 4,300% increase in annual data production by 2020. Data rich, but insight poor, many businesses face the challenge of creating a big data strategy to cope with the data explosion and tap into the insight from their data.


Big data has become the new currency for businesses to gain a competitive edge and stay relevant to their customers. According to IDC, 90 %of all data created in the next decade will be unstructured data. The heterogeneous and variable data is a great source for business intelligence and transformative insights. Today, businesses are seeing significant demands on processing and analyzing an combination of structured and unstructured data from the infrastructure, security and employee skill set perspectives.

CBTS Value-Driven Data Strategy


Why CBTS Big Data Analytics
Partnering with industry leaders, CBTS provides end-to-end Big Data Analytics Services to help your business navigate through the complex landscape. We help you extract insights from your data with an innovative approach to capturing, storing and analyzing data. Our big data strategy focuses on driving value for you by dealing with data volume, variety and velocity in parallel. Our solution will enable you to:

  • Scale with the pace of data production
  • Harness your data to unlock new business opportunities
  • Make smarter business decisions
  • Improve operational efficiencies and business agility
  • Increase revenue and customer satisfaction
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CBTS Big Data Analytics Services

Whether you are on the path to becoming the next-generation data enterprise or just beginning your journey, our data experts can evaluate and advise on the current and future state of your enterprise data strategy as well as create a road map to harness your data for future growth. Our team can also help you identify use cases and execute pilot projects to realize the business potential from your big data strategy. Download CBTS Big Data Strategy

Our Services

Strategic business consulting

Evaluate the current and future state of your enterprise data strategy and provide a road map to harness your data

Industry best practices

Implement your strategy from data governance, ingestion, to integration and to security

Data warehouse and BI consulting

Consult on implementing an effective system for data storage, reporting and analysis as well as the best approach to extracting business intelligence

Data analytics

Turn data into actionable insights and gain a competitive edge with valuable business intelligence

Professional services

We provide the best local and national talent to meet all your short- and long-term IT needs

One big value of CBTS is their knowledge about us. They understand our business and what our key initiatives are, what we are trying to do. They come back with customized solutions to the problem we are trying to solve.

Steve Hamilton, VP of IT Operations, Western & Southern Financial Group